Thursday, February 21, 2019

Views of Angels regarding Adam’s formation

Not only mentioned in the Holy Quran about the creation of Adam (AS) but all the old testimonials belonging to others religions. However, the authentic description of Adam creations is found in the Holy Book of Quran. When Allah (SWT) decided to create Adam He (SWT) said to the angels:

“Verily, I am going to form a man for worship.’ The angels said, Will you create those who will damage to each other even bloodshed, on the other hand, we glorify you with praises. Allah (SWT) replied, I know such secret which you know not. (Al-Quran).

Thus after the creation of Adam, Allah (SWT) said, He knows those things which you don’t know, so if you are truthful then tell me the name of exotic things which are existing in front of you. They said, we only know the things which we have learned by our Lord. And for asking Adam, he told the exotic things without any hesitation. 

Thus, God said, as you have seen the qualities of Adam, so it means he is the most prominent than all of you. So, prostrate him. And all the angels prostrated before Adam except Iblees (Satan) because of arrogance. Therefore, Allah (SWT) struck off Iblees from His Divine and blessed Adam with heaven-life.

Yet, how much Allah (SWT) loves the man, but man does not follow His instructions. And Allah (SWT) also promises that He (SWT) will put into Hell to those who have been the friends of Iblees. So, a man should pray for the salvation of sins and the best place is the Kaaba (House of Allah). Therefore, if you want to go to Kaaba through any cheap Umrah Packages 2019 then it will be the best option for salvation.

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Nevertheless, what kind of package is best for you, but you must focus on your Umrah whenever you get a chance to perform it. Because Umrah can be performed at any time of the year.


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