Friday, March 1, 2019

What is The Holiest Month in Islam to Perform Hajj?

The Islamic religion is consisting of the five fundaments and five creeds. If someone wants to accept Islam as his religion then it is required to show your strong belief on these fundaments and creeds. The Islamic Sharia isn’t too strict for men and women. Islam shows the brotherhood, equality, peace, and unity on the occasion of Hajj and Muslims perform this greatest Ibdah with a true spirit annually. The Muslim community of the United Kingdom also desire to perform Hajj and they book Umrah Experts Cheap Hajj Packages 2019 from London

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The significance of Hajj Worship

As we all Muslims know that Hajj considers the major pilgrimage and performs annually in Makkah. Many Muslim brothers and sisters every year travel to Mecca and Medina to perform this Hajj worship to gain Allah’s blessings. The Ibdah Hajj is not a small religious act, it is the fifth pillar of Islam and who don’t believe it can’t enter in the religion of Islam. 

Hajj also shows a great message to the entire world such as unity, brotherhood, fairness etc. It also expresses all humans are equal and it doesn’t matter whether you are white or black. The reward of Hajj is also great as if the person performs Hajj with a true intention or according to Sunnah way, Allah will forgive his all previous small and major sins and wrongdoings. This greed brings the Muslim to Makkah and Medina to complete this worship as early as possible. Therefore, millions of Muslim brothers and sisters visit the House of Allah to gain the best reward by Him. 

Holiest Month for Hajj Worship

The Hajj worship comes just one time in a year. If you miss this chance to perform Hajj in 2019 then you will be not able to perform Hajj till next year. So, it is necessary to perform Hajj in the last month of Islamic Hijri Calendar, Dhull Hijja. Yes, Hajj can be performed just in the month of Zill Hajj and there is no other time to perform it. 

The first 10 days of Dhul Hijja considers the most sacred days. The person who could not catch up the Hajj worship, but want to gain the reward and blessings of Allah, then perform religious acts at your home. You can gain the attention of Allah by performing the regular Salah behind the Imam, recite the Holy Quran and Darood e Pak, spend your nights in the way of Allah to offer Nafl prayers, be kind with other persons, respect your parents and elders etc. These are some ways if you will follow then Allah will give you a reward. So, hurry up to book your deals and gain the chance to perform Hajj Ibdah.  

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