Thursday, March 7, 2019

Rabi Al Thani

The “Rabi-Al-Thani” is an Arabic word, whereas the word “Rabi” means “Spring” and the word “Thani” means “Second” therefore the month of “Rabi-Al-Thani” is also known as “Second Spring” and it is also known as “Rabi-ul-Akhir” whereas the word “Akhir” means “Last”, so it is also known as “The last spring” this symbolizes the end of spring, which in return meant that going of happiness and enjoy.
 There are many incidents which took place in this month which is enlisted as follow;

  1. The birth of Imam-Hassan-al-askari on the day of 8 “Rabi-Al-Thani”
  2. Death of FATIMA-BINT-MUSA on the day of 10 “Rabi-Al-Thani”
  3. Death of Habib Abu Bakr on the day of 15 “Rabi-Al-Thani”s
  4. Death of Ahmad Sirhind on the day of 26 “Rabi-Al-Thani”

As we can see the above personalities are the people which did a lot for mankind and did many things for their betterment and spent their lives imparting knowledge to us. As the end of spring happiness changed into the moderate happiness, then sadness. These personalities and their death are like a like metaphor of spring changing into summer then the flowers die.

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